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Since 2008, Edge-U-Cate has been offering two distinct 4.5 day intensive Credentialing School courses: Hospital Basics and Beyond the Basics,

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Healthcare experts agree that an organization’s credentialing and privileging system is the foundation of quality patient care. While credentialing and privileging decisions are the ultimate responsibility of the Medical Staff and Governing Body, each group relies heavily on medical services management and credentialing personnel to manage an effective credentialing and privileging process, and serve as an internal resource for the medical staff and administration when credentialing issues are identified.




Comprehensive practitioner credentialing is more important today than ever before. It’s estimated that at least 5% of all physicians in this country have significant quality, behavioral, or substance abuse issues that adversely affect patient care; and negligent credentialing claims against healthcare organizations are on the rise. The demand today for qualified, appropriately trained credentialing and medical services management professionals far exceeds the current supply. Edge-U-Cate created The Credentialing School to provide the training necessary to meet today’s demands for qualified personnel in this critical role.

Hospital Basics

Beyond The Basics


Just-in-Time Training

Four and a half day intensive courses

Nationally recognized faculty

Certificate of Completion / NAMSS CEUs

Timely, convenient, affordable

Class sizes are limited, so early registration is encouraged!


Sponsors of The Edge-U-Cate Credentialing Schools:


ABMS Solutions/Certi-FACTS:

ABMS Solutions and our CERTI-FACTS Online products allow users to navigate primary source board certification information for over 850,000 medical professionals - primary care physicians, physician specialists and subspecialists in more than 145 specialties and subspecialties recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS).  We are the only PSV provider with daily updates to the ABMS database.




Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB)
Morrisey Associates:


American Medical Association (AMA)

The nation's trusted source for core credentialing information, the AMA provides Physician Profiles for initial credentialing and reappointments that are accepted by Joint Commission, NCQA, AAAHC, HFAP and more.  In addition, AMA Continuous Monitoring Service automatically notifies customers whenever physician credentials change.  AMA is also the sole distributor of AAPA Physician Assistant profiles.


What the Industry is saying about Edge-U-Cate:

Medical staff credentialing is a cornerstone of quality healthcare. We are glad to be a part of The Edge-U-Cate Credentialing Schools efforts to promote excellence in this vital role.

David R. Hooper, Senior Director for Marketing and Communication
Federation of State Medical Boards of the United States
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